Judicial Liens and Lien Release in Massachusetts

Creditors will take steps to collect their debts. One common approach is to file a lawsuit against a borrower and obtain a judgment. Once a creditor has a judgment, they can place a lien on the borrower’s home, called a judicial execution. These executions earn the creditor 12% interest per year and are valid for 6 years. At the end of six years, the creditor can extend its lien with a “carry forward” letter to the registry of deeds.

When a lien is valid, it will have to be paid in full before the homeowner can sell or refinance their home.

Fortunately, liens can be eliminated in bankruptcy when they encumber exempt property. Attorney Weinkauf is able to quickly analyze your financial circumstances to determine whether the lien can be avoided in bankruptcy. For people who do not wish to file bankruptcy, Attorney Weinkauf is experienced in negotiating lien releases with creditors.

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